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Lost & Found

Rhea: Lost DogRhea: Lost DogWhat to Do If You Lose Your Pet

How to conduct an effective search for your lost pet:

1. Begin Your Search Immediately

Any delay can make a big difference. Walk through the area where you're pet was last seen loudly calling your pet by name. Plan to spend a few hours on the search.

2. Recruit Others to Assist You

Ask family members and friends to help.

3. Visit Every House in the Area

Go door to door. Talk to all of your neighbors. Bring a good photo and spread the word. Tell strangers whether your animal is friendly and able to be approached. Be sure to leave a contact number with your neighbors.

4. Contact Your Local Animal Shelter and Animal Control

File a lost pet report with your local shelter and animal control. Visit the shelters and visibly look and see if they might have your pet. Remember that descriptions of an animal may vary from one person to another. Most shelter hold stray animals for 5 days before putting them up for adoption. You can also contact many local radio stations and ask if they will run a PSA on the air.

5. Prepare A "Lost Pet" Poster

Make a poster to hang in your neighborhood, stores, vet clinics etc. Hand them out everywhere. Provide plenty of information and a photo. Be sure to provide phone numbers where you can be reached.

6. Place A "Lost Pet" Ad in the Newspaper

Place a lost animal ad in the newspaper. Describe your pet as specifically as possible. Do not give the pet's name. Do not indicate a monetary value for your pet, or describe it as valuable or pedigree. Run the ad for at least 2 weeks. Be sure to check the "Found" ad on a daily basis. Respond to any possibility, no matter how remote.

7. Follow Up On Any Responses Immediately

Arrange to see any pet that could be yours as soon as possible; the finder may not want to hold the pet for long. It is important to use caution when arranging to meet someone who may have your pet. If you have to go alone meet in a public place and tell someone where you are going.

8. Search the Lost and Found Pet Listings on Petfinder.com

Visit the classifieds on Petfinder.com to search their state-by-state listings of lost and found animals.

Remember, Don't Give Up!!!

Always have a collar and identification tags on your pet. Consider having your pet micro-chipped with permanent identification. We can do this for you, by appointment for $30.  Call for details.

Useful Links

      * Divide Creek Animal Hospital (For Silt and Rifle area)-

        (970) 876-5354

    * Aspen Pitkin County Animal Shelter (For City of Aspen and       Pitkin County residents)-  (970) 544-0206

     * City of Glenwood Springs Police Department - (970) 384-6500

    * City of Rifle Animal Shelter (For City of Rifle residents) -

       (970) 625-8808

    * City of Rifle Police Department - (970) 625-2271

    * Colorado Animal Rescue (For Garfield County residents except those living in Rifle city limits) - (970) 947-9173

    * Eagle County Animal Shelter (For Eagle County residents) -

       (970) 328-3647

    * Eagle County Animal Control (For Eagle area) - (970) 328-3647;  (For Basalt area) - (970) 963-2948

    * Garfield County Animal Control - (970) 625-8095

    * Pitkin County Animal Safety - (970) 920-5310

    * Snowmass Village Animal Control - (970) 923-5330

    * Colorado Division of Wildlife - (970) 947-2920

    * KAJX Aspen Public Radio - (970) 920-5259

    * KDNK Carbondale Community Radio - (970) 963-0139

    * KMTS/KGLN Radio - (970) 945-9124

    * KSPN/KNFO/JACK FM Radio - (970) 384-2172

    * KSNO Radio - (970) 925-4111

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