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Western Colorado Animal Resources

We are a resource sharing network dedicated to assisting Western Colorado agencies in providing more effective service to animals and communities.



Colorado Animal Rescue is an active member with the Western Colorado Animal Resources (WeCARe) coalition.  In addition to sharing resources between agencies, our coalition remains focused on interagency transfers, education and training, emergency preparedness, and the Maddie’s Fund Grant.  The WeCARe coalition now encompasses 13 contiguous counties and has over 35 members.  We continue to compile statistics under the Asilomar Accords in order to continue our Maddie’s fund grant process. 

As part of the Northeast WeCARe coalition (which consists of member organizations in Eagle, Garfield, Summit and Pitkin counties) we would like to thank the Maddie’s Fund for their generosity in providing a $40,000 grant that was distributed to dog and cat adoption member organizations. The grant was provided by Maddie’s Fund for all the organizations involved for providing our shelter data information. 


Maddie was a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired her guardians to start a charitable foundation, Maddie's Fund®, in her name.  Dave, Cheryl and Maddie shared ten memorable and happy years together. Dave and Cheryl have endowed Maddie's Fund with more than $300 million and have spent $71.6 million to save dog and cat lives.  In their lifetime, Dave and Cheryl have given more of their personal wealth to the animal welfare cause than any other individuals. And although they do not want to make a big fuss over their unprecedented contribution, they do want to honor their cherished companion and the special bond they shared with her.


Maddie inspired Dave and Cheryl to give generously to help save homeless pets in desperate need of love and care. Thanks to the dog with the indomitable spirit, shelter pets are afforded new opportunities to find compassionate homes in which they, too, may share in the joy, love and companionship that Dave and Cheryl enjoyed with Maddie.


Maddie's Fund® is measuring progress towards the no-kill nation goal by gathering shelter statistics using the Asilomar Accords. The Asilomar Accords provide standardized definitions and terminology (healthy, treatable, unhealthy & untreatable) so that data collection can be uniform, and reporting across agencies can be consistent.


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