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On November 1, 2002 Colorado Animal Rescue began its micro-chipping program, implanting micro-chips in our shelter dogs and cats.

All of C.A.R.E.'s adoptable dogs and cats are microchipped before going home.  The cost of the microchip and inital registration is included in the adoption fee.  After that it is up to the adopter to keep his/her pet's microchip information updated in the years to follow.

In addition to micro-chipping adoptable animals, C.A.R.E. also provides these services to the general public. Companion animals can be micro-chipped at the shelter, for a minimal cost per animal. This includes assistance with the initial registration.

To have your pet micro-chipped, please call C.A.R.E. at (970) 947-9173 to schedule an appointment. The cost is only $30.00!

What is Animal Micro-chipping?

Micro-chips are small silicon chips which are implanted under an animal's skin, between the shoulder blades, in the area of loose skin at the base of the neck. The actual chip is about the size of a piece of rice, and is specially designed to encourage scar tissue to form around the chip, keeping it in place for the lifetime of the animal.

Each implanted chip is coded with a unique identification number, which can be read by a wide array of scanners. Most shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control agencies across the country are equipped with such scanners, and make scanning each new animal part of the intake procedure. Micro-chipping is not a tracking system, but rather a system of permanent identification.

After implanting the chip, C.A.R.E. registers each adopted animal in a micro-chip database, inputting the new owner's contact information, alternate contacts, veterinary clinic, etc. Adopters can call the shelter at any time, to update information. Whether an adopter simply gets a new phone number, or moves across the country, micro-chipping helps ensure that each pet can be traced back to its owner.

Is Micro-chipping Harmful to Your Pet?

No. The micro-chipping procedure is quite quick and painless, and no sedation or anesthesia medication is needed. In very rare cases, we will suggest that the animal be micro-chipped at a veterinary clinic where such medications can be used, to ensure safety. After micro-chipping, the animal may have a small amount of bleeding at the injection site, and a small scab will typically form. It is important not to handle the area for several days, including avoiding excessive petting or grooming, in order to allow the tissue to begin to adhere to the chip.

Why Micro-Chip Your Animal?

   1. Micro-chips are a permanent form of identification. While a collar with tags (which should also be worn at all times) may become lost, your animal's micro-chip will not.

   2. Your animal's micro-chip can serve as a proof of ownership. Should your animal ever be lost or stolen, your pet's registered micro-chip provides clear evidence that you are that animal's owner.

   3. In case of disaster or emergency situations, your animal's micro-chip helps ensure that you will be reunited as soon as it is safe. Whether you are separated by a mile or two states, the micro-chip is your pet's fastest ticket home.

   4. Micro-chips help animal control agencies and animal shelters do their work more efficiently and more safely. Owner contact information is just a phone call or click of the mouse away, and the agency or shelter can quickly reach the lost animal's owners. In addition, by returning your animal to you as quickly as possible, the agencies and shelters can get back to helping the other animals in need.

   5. If your lost pet ends up in a shelter which holds animals for a specific period of time before putting them to sleep, its micro-chip could save its life. Most of these shelters and pounds will not immediately euthanize an animal if it has a micro-chip implant.

By micro-chipping animals, your lost pet will find its way back to you, more quickly and more safely. If you have adopted your animal companion(s) from Colorado Animal Rescue or another shelter, be sure to inform them of any change to your contact information. If your pets are not yet micro-chipped, please consider taking this simple, but important step. Call us at (970) 947-9173 to schedule an appointment for micro-chipping, or talk with your veterinarian about having the procedure done.  A few minutes and a quick shot could help save your pet's life!

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