UPDATE: Snowshoe Shuffle Adventures!

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The results are in!

Thank you to the shufflers who came out to this winter’s Sunlight Mountain Snowshoe Shuffle! Though we were small in numbers, we certainly proved to be mighty! Here are the race results:

Adult 50 years or older

                  1. Matt Johnson (46:36)
                  2. Sue Bardsley (1:02:24)
                  3. Natalie Mount (1:48:00)
                  4. Mic Mount (1:48:02)
                  5. Marlin Smickley (1:59:00)
                  6. Sheryl Larsen (2:06:30)
                  7. Margaret Hesse (2:06:31)
                  8. Dawn Dexter (2:17:35)
                  9. Christie Jensen (time unknown)
                  10. Marla Korn (time unknown)

Adult 13-49 years old

                  1. Rhiannon Rowe (55:00)
                  2. Peter Moore (56:35)
                  3. Jessi Rochel (1:06:03)
                  4. Laura Recondo (1:26:29)
                  5. Matt Clark (1:28:52)
                  6. Brandy Copeland (1:30:40)
                  7. Victor Recondo (1:34:28)
                  8. Mary Biermann (2:17:35)


Shoutout to our amazing volunteers >> Faith, Bart, Jim, Anne, Cathi, and Maggie!

And a special shoutout to Cassidy, Eric, and Elliot who not only braved the winter chill at our finish line, but snagged some awesome photos of a few racers – THANK YOU! (Cassidy and Elliot pictured below)

Stay tuned for the announcement of next year’s shuffle date!

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