Meet Peppercorn

Age: 3 Years
Breed: Cattle Dog
Gender: Male
Patiently Waiting Since: November 1, 2019
Personality: Busy Bee, Goofball

Compatible with…

Kids: Yes please
Cats: Yes please
Dogs: Yes please

More About Me:

Hey there! My name is Peppercorn. I am a great, well adjusted guy! I could play with my dog friends all day long or hang at home with my humans, whether they be adults or kids. I think I would make a great family dog, so please come meet me today!

Some very special 4th graders at Glenwood Elementary recently wrote poems about our adoptable animals in an effort to help find them homes. Check out Peppercorn's below!

By: Isaac Zevin
4th Grade
Glenwood Springs Elementary School

A family friend
Hi I’m peppercorn
I’ll be a friend for everyone ,
I’ll fetch and fetch until dawn .
I’ll sit on you when your sad .
I’ll go on walks and rides ,
If you have pets It'll be fine ,
I’ll be a gard like a knight in shining armor
Fur as white as a cloud ,
With Black polka dots
I’ll be a loyal companion for you ,
I’ll make you laugh when your down ,
I see my friends go to homes ,
I see others go on the chopping block ,
Will it be my lucky day?
Or will I go on the chopping block?

By: Logan Buendia
4th Grade
Glenwood Springs Elementary School

I’m playful like a video game
I’m funny like a clown
I will always be on your side
I'm like a knight
I will protect you
When your sad I will make you laugh
All my dogs and cat friend went home
but I'm still here
waiting for a home
I hope it will be with you!

My name is Peppercorn
By: Konnyr McGuire and Aaron VanAllen
4th grade Glenwood Springs Elementary

I am like a cuddly teddy bear
I am like a speedy car
I am like a human hanging out with friends

I am a goofball
I like basketball
I am a busy bee
I jump at a tree
I am a cattle dog


Sadness for dogs
This poem is written for: Peppercorn
By: Sophia Delgadillo Cigarroa
4th Grade
Glenwood Spring Elementary School

Sadness for dogs that don’t have a home and that have been waiting like me Peppercorn and I am 3 years old and have been waiting since November 1st,2019.
I like to play with kids and when I see kids I start to bark,bark,bark,bark
And run up to them until I get tired out from playing so much. I also like to be With more dogs.

I like how they play around with me and that they keep me company when there Are no visitors to play with. I would love to have a home of my own with some Kids and also a dog to play with when there are no kids at home to play with.

I would also like to have one or two cats at home so that if the dogs or
Kids don’t want to play then I will play with one of the cats you get.

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