Hailey ReynoldsAssistant Veterinary Technician

    Hailey enjoys long walks in the mountains, fishing, and telling people very obnoxious lectures about pet health and nutrition. Hailey grew up in Carbondale CO with her family, spending way too much time immersed in pet themed literature and A LOT of zoobooks. She attended The University of Northern Colorado in 2012 and received a bachelors in English Liberal Arts but realized soon after that working with her furry friends was much more interesting than reading about them. She moved to Denver after graduation where she obtained an amazing position as manager of a large dog boarding facility, and gained more knowledge about pet health by working vaccination clinics for VIPpetcare on the weekends. After some time she realized it was time to come back to home sweet home. Hailey will be attending CMC in the fall for veterinary technology in order to continue to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them (and to add to her endless supply of animal facts). She currently lives in Carbondale with her boyfriend, her rescue Ewok Fifi and her two destructive rabbits Walter and Juniper.

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