Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to supervise my foster group?

You need to do welfare checks on your foster group three times a day.  This is to make sure everyone is healthy, eating, and using the litter box.  You need to spend about 1-2 hours per day (depending on the age of the kittens) interacting with your foster group so that they become well socialized. If you have bottle feeder or litter of bottle feeders, this time commitment will increase dramatically. 

Can my young children interact with the foster kittens?

We encourage your children to have supervised interaction with foster kittens. Children should not be permitted to handle newborn kittens.  Caution and direct supervision is a must! 

Do my resident pets have to be up to date on their vaccines?

For everyone—s protection and safety your resident pets are required to be up to date on vaccines.

Do my resident pets have to be spayed or neutered before I foster kittens?

Yes, C.A.R.E. requires that all resident pets are spayed or neutered before you begin fostering.

What do I do if my own cats get sick?

Your kittens and mother cat (if you have one) should be kept separately from your resident cats at all time, and we encourage you to wash your hands between handling foster animals and your own pets.  However, we do recognize that cross contamination can happen.  If your own cats get sick it is your responsibility to seek veterinary treatment. Remember there is always an inherent risk of disease when you bring new animals into your home. This is why we require that all animals in the home are current on vaccinations, and that you keep your litter of kittens/cat separate from your own animals.

If my foster kittens get sick do I take them to my own vet?

All veterinary care will be provided through Colorado Animal Rescue.  Foster parents are not permitted to seek veterinary care from outside clinics. Any visits to outside veterinarians that are not pre-approved will be the financial responsibility of the foster parent. 

What if I have to leave out of town unexpectedly while I’m fostering?

Contact the foster coordinator as soon as possible so that we can find alternate placement for your kittens.

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