Colorado Animal Rescue strongly encourages pet owners to always have a collar and identification tags on your dog or cat. Also, consider microchipping your pet for permanent identification. If your pet becomes lost within Garfield County, please use the resources listed below to help locate them.

Who to call if your pet is lost:

Please try to remember to call back and let these contacts know when your pet is home safely, thanks!

First contact your local shelters & rescues, outside area if appropriate

Call to see if you pet has been brought in. Leave a lost pet report if not.

Colorado Animal Rescue – Glenwood 970-947-9173
Aspen Animal Shelter – Aspen 970-544-0206
Eagle County Animal Services – Eagle 970-328-DOGS
Mesa County Animal Services – Grand Junction 970-242-4646
Journey Home Animal Care Center 970-625-8808
Roice Hurst Humane Society – Grand Junction 970-434-7337
Summit County Animal Shelter – Frisco 970-668-3230

Police, Law Enforcement, Animal Control

Call your local law enforcement to see if someone has reported the pet as found. Leave a lost pet report if not.

Glenwood Springs Police Department 970-384-6500
Rifle Police Department 970-625-2271
Carbondale Police Department 970-963-2662
New Castle Police Department 970-984-2302
Eagle County Animal Services 970-328-DOGS
Summit County Animal Services 970-668-3230
Parachute Police Department 970-285-7630
Aspen Animal Safety 970-920-5310
Mesa County Animal Services 970-242-4646

Radio Stations

Some local radio stations are able to run lost and found pet reports on air, free of charge.

KDNK 970-963-2976
KMTS 970-945-9124
KSPN 970-925-5776


Most local newspapers will run lost and found pet ads in the classified section free of charge.

Glenwood Springs Post Independent 970-945-8515
Aspen Daily News 970-925-2220

Additionally, try these steps:

  • If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company and alert them that the animal is missing. Some microchip companies have the ability to send out “APB” style emails about missing pets.
  • Post your missing animal (with photos) on the Roaring Fork Swap, Roaring Fork Pet Finder, Garfield and Eagle County Lost and Found Pets, and MIL ANUNCIOS LAS MONTANAS page. These are both “groups” on Facebook. You will be asked to join before you can post within the group.
  • Try a neighborhood connection app like Nextdoor, or a lost and found pet app like PawBoost or Petco Love Lost. (C.A.R.E. is not affiliated with these services and cannot assist with navigation)
  • Call local Vet clinics in your area. If an animal is found injured, it may be brought to a Vet before it is brought to a shelter.
  • Post missing pet fliers in the neighborhood.

Who to call if you’ve found a pet:

Before you bring a found pet to your local animal shelter, here are some steps you can take to try to reunite the pet with it’s owner. Most of these steps are similar to the process above. If you are local, please utilize the phone numbers above.

  1. Call your local animal shelters to see if a lost pet report has been filed. Leave a “found” pet report if not.
  2. Call your local police department to see if someone has filed a lost pet report. Leave a “found” pet report if not.
  3. If you found the pet in or near a residential neighborhood, knock on doors. Most stray animals are found just 1,000 feet from their home!
  4. If possible, bring the animal to a local Vet clinic to be scanned for a microchip. 
  5. Post the animal as found on your own Facebook page, local swap pages, and local lost and found animal groups on Facebook. Search these pages for a match as well.
  6. Utilize a neighborhood connection app like Nextdoor, or an animal lost and found app like PawBoost  or Petco Love Lost. (C.A.R.E. is not affiliated with these services and cannot assist with navigation)
  7. Call local radio stations. KDNK, KMTS, and KSPN will announce found pets on air, for free!
  8. Place a free “found pet” classified ad in the Post Independent
  9. If you are able to keep the pet while you are searching for it’s owners, be sure to post found pet fliers in the area where the animal was found.



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