All Dogs and Cats 945-6762
Alpine Animal Hospital 963-2371
Antlers Animal Hospital, Rifle 625-2874
Aspen Animal Hospital, Aspen 925-2611
Birch Tree Animal Hospital, Glenwood 945-0125
Carbondale Animal Hospital 963-2826
Divide Creek Animal Hospital, Silt 876-5354
Gentle Friends 945-5833
Glenwood Vet 945-5401
Natural Vet 963-4577
New Castle Vet 984-2259
Parachute Vet Clinic 285-0356
Red Hill Animal Health Center, Carbondale 704-0403
Town & Country, Rifle 625-2971
Valley Vet, Rifle 625-5035
Valley Emergency Pet Care (after hours/wknd) 927-5066
Willits Vet 510-5436


Don’t forget, classes are available at Colorado Animal Rescue!

Charissa Carvell, C.A.R.E., Canine Behavior Manager, 970-947-9173
Terena Thomas, Canine Country School, 524-8724
Brandi Jo Schoenthaler, Cornerstone Dog Training, 719-240-4570
Louisa Morrissey, High Country Dogs, 406-01058
Jess Eiseman, High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters, 947-0014
Tracey Yajko, Dog Hollidays, Training and Behavior Manager,
Allyson Armstrong, 279-5597


The Shaggy Dog, GWS 945-0264
Red Hill Animal Health Center, Carbondale 704-0403
All Dogs and Cats, GWS 945-6762
Suds E Dog, Silt 456-9329

Pet Supply Stores

High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters, West Glenwood 947-0014
RJ Paddywacks, El Jebel 963-1700
CB Paws, Aspen 925-5848
Rocky Mountain Pet Shop, Aspen 925-2010
Tractor Supply, GWS 945-5444

Doggie Day Care

High Tails Dog and Cat Outfitters, West Glenwood 947-0014
Aspen Valley Pet Care, Hwy82, prev. Mid Valley Kennels location 963-2744
The Barnyard, Carbondale 963-1881
Pride Rock Kennels, Rifle 456-1955
Red Hill Animal Health Center, Carbondale 704-0403

Boarding Kennels

Aspen Boarding Kennel, Aspen 544-0206
The Little Tail, Carbondale 704-0403
Bode’s Alpine Meadow Ranch and Kennel, Basalt 927-2688
Cedar Hill Kennel, Silt 876-2451
Skyline Ranch and Kennels, Carbondale 963-2915
Chris McKelvey School of Dog Training 963-1287
Aspenglo Kennels, GWS 945-9587
Aspen Valley Pet Care, Carbondale 963-2744
Barn Yard, Carbondale 963-1881
Pride Rock, Rifle 456-1955

Help the animals in our care by donating to the shelter! Your gift, no matter how big or small, will improve the lives of homeless & abandoned animals within our community and beyond. Thanks so much for your support!

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