In loving memory or in honor of the pets that we love or have loved, and the people who we cherish, with us still or in our hearts.


In Memory Of:

Buddy from Kathryn Wentzel

Kuna and Fobos from Kimberly DeFries

Benny from Carolyn Bower

Richard Runck from Heather Exby

Feather from Mary Ann Leonardi

Nanuq “Nukie” from Ami Jones

Bates Nichols from Lisa Nichols

Mary Rumsey from Darlene and Ronald Goscha

Snowy, the Sweet Guinea Pig from Family Hernandez

Frannie Slabaugh from Acres USA Team and the Greeley Office

Frannie Slabaugh from Amy Lovig

Frannie Slabaugh from Ryan Slabaugh

Sebastian from Mary Ann Leonardi

Bosco Eskin from Barbara Eskin

Dax Flanigan from Meg Mascelli

Lincoln – of the White Family from Joy White

Lincoln – of the White Family from Steve and Sylvia White

Patricia Bonior from Robert and Helen Davidson

Patricia Bonior from Ron Davidson

Patricia Bonior from Gretchen Meredith

Patricia Bonior from Elaine Selby

Harry from Anthony Hershey

Jeremy Walker from Dania Laubach

Chesney Rains from Nick Nguyen

Bea Vidakovich from Cindy Ryman

Beatrice “Bea” Viola Vidakovich from Terry and Cami Reece

Bea Vidakovich from Ann Meyer

Mary Teufner from Joy Guffey

Wyatt Rveira from Kathryn Hmielowski

Gina Young-Mann from Tommy Wiles

Gina Ruth Young-Mann from Susan Wiles

Gina Ruth Young-Mann from Paige Lillie

Gina Young-Mann from Cathy Steer

Gina Young-Mann from Margo Young-Gardey

Gina Young-Mann from Stephanie Gonzalez

Gina Young-Mann from Chris Berry

Jan McCallum from Ann Meyer

Spur from Mytt Anderson

Norma “Louise” Hailey from Leigh Ann Bauer

Norma “Louise” Hailey from Sarah Beatty

Lola “Beans” Yajko from Liesl Maggiore

“All of our cats – past, present, future” from Faith Lipori

Florence Johnson from Andrew Johnson

Jessica Hobby Catto from Alpenglow Foundation (John & Laurel Catto)

Dodger from Soren Sorensen

Steve McManus from Janice and Warren Koster

Elvie from Jacquelyn Carr

Toby and Milo from Leslie Johnson

Bill Mkinley from Angela Hancock

Tramp Petersen from Jack and Sharon Petersen

Sammy and Scruffy, the Booktrain Cats from Kate Riley

Hanna and Elway from Samuel and Teresa Potter

Star from Wick Moses

Shelley Gile from Heather Lowenthal

Chipper & Lupe from Suzanne Stewart

Henry & Luke from Meaghan Mullgardt

Allie & her many furry babies from her little sister, Jessi Rochel

Ben from Lois Veltus

Kim Montague from Kenneth Kallstrom

Ellie Dunlop from Thomas & Lynn Dunlop

Mike Steele from Kehn Ogden

Mike Steele from Lynn Cary

Eleanor from Paul Lazo

Lilly “Lilly Wonka” from Holly Taylor

George from Violet Long

Jax Abelman from Aaron Abelman

Fritzie from Nancy Peterson

Soliel from Eric Berry

Neko from Britt Garner

Neko from Leah Koerper

Nando from Kristen Chorba/Mooncat Crystals

Magoo from Gary Wright

Pocket from George and Hanne Thatcher

Simone Louisette Pastore from Angela Hancock

Magoo from Gary Wright

Guinness from Staci Greenwald

Jameson Percival from Staci Greenwald

Bella Rhodes from Lisa and Greg Rhodes

Grizzly from Libby Navarro

In Honor Of:

Hank from Terry and Cami Reece

Hank from Rebecca Steinbach

Erika Westhoff from Rachel Curry

Jacquie Tannenbaum from Mary Ann Leonardi

Don and Cathi Basler from Valerie Mitchell

PattyAnn McKinnon from Brenda Thompson

Oscar and Tucker Murray – who donated their allowance from Amanda Murray

Tonya Mercier from Jon Edeen

Jasper and Salem from Irma Sanic

Warren Koster from Dan Koster

Dr. David Miller from Colleen Rasch

Cindy Christenson-Clark from Suzanne Stewart

Pearl and Charles Donald from Carole LaLena

Stephanie Rosas from Abbylou Jones

Faith Lipori from Laura Kirk

Faith Lipori from Susan and Addison Gardner

Faith Lipori from Susan Spielman

All Barn Cats from Kathy Weiss

Jennifer Dockery from Leslie de Moraes

Marie the Senior Pittie from Dacia Ryder

Martha Collison from Dan Kenney

Natalyn Cumings from Jessi Rochel

Kerri Heyl from Shanyn Maddox

Rocky from Maria and Dan McDermott

Taekwondo Student – Mario Tellechea from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Luis Santos from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Marguerite Flett from Dale Hancock

Carl Maulbetsch and Tori Palmer from Jason Stoller

Karysa and Connor Close from Jen Close

Garett Schilling from Morgan Conneely

Sarah Bennett from Sam Bennett

Ann and Jerry English from Paulette Merrell

Jack Giles from Thomas Giles

Clair Amonet from Cheryl & Doug Polson

Beth Zukowski from Kim Buchanan

Jan & Kevin Kruez from Patti, Katie, & Michele Kearney

Dr. Scott Dolginow from Cynthia Wayburn

Barney from Jack Olson

Rocky McDermott (aka Frost) from Maria McDermott

Monroe Nigut from Zachary Nigut

Beth Zukowski from Frank Martin

Jake Smith from Lily Larkin

Rosette McCullough from Abbylou Jones

Mary Ann Leonardi from Jeremy Bernstein

Jack Giannelli from AutoPaint Shields

Crystal Gonzalez from Ginger Hanson

Faith Lipori from Alexander Pettit

Patrick Wilson from Sally Wilson

Ed, Marilyn, & Pepper from Patty Watkins

Mayzie from Crista Barlow

Skylar from Trent Thibaudeau

Warren Koster from Dan Koster

Warren and Jan Koster from Bryan Koster

Lark from Jane Tiseo

Tequila from Kyle Larson

Dee Dee O’brien from Maureen Slattery

Roxy and Rosario from Thomas Kenning

Amber Streed from Annie Rucker

Brenda Caywood from Mary Ann Leonardi

Georgia, Tabitha, and Salem from Lori Hills

Amber Brinson from Leslie Keery

Tuna from Megan Ravenscraft

Adriana Walker from Stella Sgroi

Boston from Tansy Fox, EideBailly LLP

Shauna de Moraes from Leslie de Moraes

Truu from Ron Kokish

Sue DeWinter from Carol and Bruce Olson

Cathi Basler from Valerie Mitchell

Two Rivers UU from Nicolette Toussaint

Bruce and The Quinones Family from Leslie Woollenweber

Adriana Walker from Lindsay Lofaro

Faith Lipori from the Pajwell Foundation

Brutus from Michael Armstrong

Loving supporters who have made donations in memory of our

Co-Founder, Jim Calaway

Connie Morgan

Larry Bogatz

Susan Proctor

James Noyes

Nancy & Toby Morey

Charla Combest

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Dave & Nancy Snyder

Sue DeWinter

Pat Dobbs

Joyce Gornick

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Terry Lee & Bill Perich

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