In loving memory or in honor of the pets that we love or have loved, and the people who we cherish, with us still or in our hearts.


In Memory Of:

Barley from Laura Ritsema

Chicken from Christine Grzesiak

Laura Van Dyne from Heeling Partners of the Roaring Fork Valley

Sophie from Ernest Garcia

Jim Conway from Marcee & Tim

Jeremy George Heiman from Nancy & Toby Morey

Ruby  from Janette Kuramoto

Georgia from Mary Ann Leonardi

Chico from Warren Koster

Star “Starzy” Basler from Valerie Mitchell & Peggy Hagen

Sheila Cunningham Breed from Vennie Lilly

Star “Starzy” Basler from Terrie Geddes

Jim Conway from Sarah Whyte

Jim Conway from Ed Bowen

Rooney DeFord from Nicky DeFord

Jim Conway from Sarah ONeill

Rudy & Casper from Erin Dowd

Jim Conway from Jamie Roth

Dewars “Dewie” Henry from Sandra & Allen Henry

Jim Conway from Katie Craig

Freya from Erik Nelson

Scott Balcomb from Stephen & Elizabeth Worrel

Sophie from Ernest Garcia

Henry & Trout from Cynthia & Dr. David Miller

Scott Balcomb from Kevin Gibson

Scott Balcomb from Ellen Lipscomb

Reydr from Michael Larson

Maggie Carmer from Carrie Wahl

Pocket from George Thatcher

Kazoo from Marla Korn

Connie Bell, Bear & Bella from Chris Bell

Carli Metheny from Abbylou Jones

Dewars Henry from Terry Bordan

Mary Ellen Danser from Mary Ann Leonardi

Kai from Chelsea Alexander

Ollie Groves from Dana Bart Klein

Marley from Bob Axelson

Poindexter from Leann Katchuk

James “Jim” Bruno from Margi Crawford, Jackie Tracy, Layla, Janda Steward & Jax

Sue Ellen Englert from Dad & Lee

Sandra Barnett from Christine Dolan

Kim Montague from Kathy Montague

Archie Evans from Christie Swanbeck

Mom from Michele Matarazzo

Howie from Greg & Ann Smith

Faustina Ortiz from Pam Kiker

Michael Weinstein from Esther Welles Green

Tyler Bielefeldt from Debra Bielefeldt

Ka-Ching from Mary Anderson

Pumpkin Amini from Christine Amini

the Wonder Cat from Wick Moses

Gracie from Bryce Watson

Sam, Bella & Bernie from Lisa Nieslanik

Gracie from Connor Austin

Kim Shirley from Tiana Dykes

Krug from Douglas & Cheryl Polson

Slick from Susan Mowday

Bells from Kristina Johnson

Penny & Wookie from Teresa Lobmeyer

Max from Robert Flood

Ms. Dixie Mills from Bob & Mary Axelson

Jackson Forsman from Cathi Basler

Maggie & Sophie from Nancy Genova

Winnie from Mary Ann Leonardi

Koda Denney from Bob & Mary Axelson

Ms. Lee Ann Eustis from Bob & Mary Axelson

Bode Dalrymple from Pamela Haynes

Bea Young from Mary Korthals

Ava from Pamela Hart

Carol Frenzen from Kristina Simpson

Julie Walrath from Lisa Nieslanik

Robert Judd from Lorrine Fleischman

Judy Budzik from Kristin Lawrence

In Honor Of:

Gracie from Tammy Mefford

Moose from Leslie Schramer

Ted Gardenswartz from Janet Krische

Rhylinn Aikens from Nicole Dilbeck

Sheila Cunningham Breed from Glenn Gazley

Karen Williams from Dennie Meinke

Grace Fuller from Ivy DeWolfe

Grace, Cedar & Sage Fuller from Harbour Stephens

Faith Lipori from Alexander Pettit

Kerrie from Carol McArdell

Sarah Henrickson from Lynne Riley

Viola from Carrie Wahl

Mary Ann & Dori from Elyse & Jeremy

Katie from Cynthia Smith

Hazel & Maisie from Brendan Ward

Mary Beth & Emmy from Alec Hynes

Grandma Linda from Jill, Seamus, Heather & Jesse

Janice Kreuz from John Garbarini

Chump from Erika Lupe

Erika Alvarez from the team at Machine Sciences

Ann English from Paulette Merrell

Margi Pruessner from Jennie Motto Mesterharm

Charlotte Edwards from Beverly Rose

Dr. Scott Dolginow from Cynthia Wayburn

Gayle Dorsey-Spitz from Lauren Dorsey-Spitz

Daniel Zubiate from Abbylou A. Jones

Josh, Laura & the Go Voices team from Jessica Wachsman

Ollie & Che from Sara Ann Smith

Kerry Heyl from Caitlin Geary

Bree & Mia from Elizabeth Moore

Rocky (aka Frost) from Maria McDermott

Kris & Jessica Fuller from William Fuller

Mary Anderson from Bill Anderson

Terence Garnett from Stephanie Domingo

George from Cynthia Blachly

The Krische Children & C.A.R.E. Dogs from Jan Krische

Rocky from Rhonda Bell

Sharon Sjoden from Teresa Lobmeyer

Beverly Little Rose from Charlotte Edwards

Tracy Tempest from Jennifer Phelps Tempest

Katie Monahan from Susie Shnider

Bob Axelson from Richard & Sharon Brooks

Faith Lipori from Laura Thielen & George Eldred

Seamus & Jenna from Matthew Kueker

Dru from Tianna Loeffler

Moksa from Wewer Keohane

Duke from Levi Garrett

Samoa from Richard Fliam

Noah Baskin from Ann Johnson

Hillary Maley from Kimberly Higgins

Luna Segal from Rebecca Segal

Kerri Heyl from Caitlin Geary

Noe Tellez from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Anais from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Loving supporters who have made donations in memory of our

Co-Founder, Jim Calaway

Connie Morgan

Larry Bogatz

Susan Proctor

James Noyes

Nancy & Toby Morey

Charla Combest

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Dave & Nancy Snyder

Sue DeWinter

Pat Dobbs

Joyce Gornick

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Terry Lee & Bill Perich

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