In loving memory or in honor of the pets that we love or have loved, and the people who we cherish, with us still or in our hearts.


In Memory Of:

Jackson Forsman from Cathi Basler

Maggie & Sophie from Nancy Genova

Winnie from Mary Ann Leonardi

Koda Denney from Bob Axelson

Ms. Lee Ann Eustis from Bob Axelson

Bode Dalrymple from Pamela Haynes

Bea Young from Mary Korthals

Ava from Pamela Hart

Carol Frenzen from Kristina Simpson

Julie Walrath from Lisa Nieslanik

Robert Judd from Lorrine Fleischman

Judy Budzik from Kristin Lawrence

In Honor Of:

Bob Axelson from Richard & Sharon Brooks

Faith Lipori from Laura Thielen & George Eldred

Seamus & Jenna from Matthew Kueker

Dru from Tianna Loeffler

Moksa from Wewer Keohane

Duke from Levi Garrett

Samoa from Richard Fliam

Noah Baskin from Ann Johnson

Hillary Maley from Kimberly Higgins

Luna Segal from Rebecca Segal

Kerri Heyl from Caitlin Geary

Noe Tellez from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Anais from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Loving supporters who have made donations in memory of our

Co-Founder, Jim Calaway

Connie Morgan

Larry Bogatz

Susan Proctor

James Noyes

Nancy & Toby Morey

Charla Combest

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Dave & Nancy Snyder

Sue DeWinter

Pat Dobbs

Joyce Gornick

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Terry Lee & Bill Perich

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