In loving memory or in honor of the pets that we love or have loved, and the people who we cherish, with us still or in our hearts.

In Memory Of:

Hannah R. Amini from Christine Amini

Robert (Bob) Buck from Nancy Smith

Robert (Bob) Buck from Andrew McGregor

Robert (Bob) Buck from Michael Durant

Zeus from Richard Schatzman

Cammey, Kiche, & Willy from Carol McGeachy

Kim Montague from Nancy Henn

Kim Montague from Jim and Ruth Barnes/Hardaker Family

Kim Montague from Ellen Miller

Kim Montague from Jewel Michelson

Kim Montague from Dorothy & Virgil Howard

Kim Montague from Terry and Cami Reece

Kim Montague from Satomi Gerdes

Kim Montague from Mary Ann Leonardi

Trixie Helfenbein from Lisa Dancing-Light

Rocky Basler from Rose Williams

Rocky Basler from Carol Probasco

Rocky Basler from Paula and Wayne Gipp

Rocky Basler from Colleen McMullen

Rocky Basler from Peggy Sullivan Hagen

Rocky Basler from Beverly Putnam

Rocky Basler from Nicholas Muller

Rocky Basler from Lindsay Kaun

Rocky Basler from Katherine Ryan

Rocky Basler from Stephanie DeWitt

Allen Henry from Sandra Henry

Royal Smith from HMR Weight Management Services Corp

Cheryl Lutat from Bryan and Beth Zukowski

Hunter from Gary & Cara Griswold

Sage from C.J. and Julie Gredig

Sage from Janice & Warren Koster

Annie Markham from Kenneth & Joan Lubrant

Anna Cunningham from Red Cunningham

Anna Cunningham from Valerie Gilliam

Anna Cunningham from Kenneth & Joan Lubrant

Anna Cunningham from Mary Ann Leonardi

Anna Cunningham from Don Willins

Sweet Pea with love from Faith & Bart

Chizen Lu from Jake & Charlie Jacobson

Nancy Reinisch from All Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital

Cathy Queen from Mary Davis

Cathy Queen from All Dogs and Cats Veterinary Hospital

Cathy Queen from Anna Mae Williams

Cathy Queen from Mary Baffico

Patricia Winters from Jerry & Dena Hammar

Patricia Winters from Dorothy Winters

Aunt Mildred O’Brien from Mary Ann Leonardi

Michael Weinstien from Esther Welles Greene

Magoo from Gary Wright

Pocket from George A. Thatcher

John Teague from Mary & Ben Dorman

Guinness from Sally Allen

Sophie and Cortney Eagleton from Linda Vidal

Dottie Simmons from Barbara and Donal Hulnick

Buster from Carol McGeachy

Peggy McKinster from Gary & Sharon Bosco

Blue from Bill Spence & Sue Edelstein

Nancy Kays from Janice & Warren Koster

Hank Zimmerman from Bob & Mary Axelson

Cathy Carlisle Queen from Mitch Spencer & Ann Szucs-Spencer

Dr. Royal Smith by his friends at the Royal Smith Imaging Center

Cathy Queen by Zancanella & Associates, Inc.

Pat Winters from Alexandra Yajko

Jessica Hobby Catto from John Hobby Catto & Family

Daniel Zubiate from Abbylou Jones

Rosette McCullough from Abbylou Jones

Little Kitty from Robin Shephard

Isabel, Yogi, & Sherman from Steve & Wewer Keohane

Hank Zimmerman from Bob & Mary Axelson

In Honor Of:

Katy & Andrew Knapp from Amanda Murray

Bob Axelson from Deborah Gibson

Rosette McCullough from Abbylou Jones

Rio Heck from Rachel Poirier

Darleen Ann Peters from Peg Brown

Tenly Snow from Ivy Connor

Peg Brown from Darleen Anne Peters

Lila Russell from Katherine Hoffmaster

Lila Russell from Jean Russell

Roxy Phillips from Chris Perry

Prema Moskaitis from Judith Blanchard

Carol McGeachy from Abbylou Jones

Mocha from Carol Duell

Vincent Moskaitis from Nancy Peterson

Ele Ellis from Pamela Schilling

Chad Roeber from Faith & Bart Lipori

Connie Leckwold from the Valets of Valley View Hospital & Friends

Carl Maulbetsch & Tori Palmer from Jason Stoller

Scott Dolginow from Ms. Cynthia Wayburn

Ann English from Paulette Merrell

Mocha from Esther Welles Greene

Dorothy & Peter Simmons from Barbara Hulnick

Freckles from Jay and Frankie Harrington

Sage from Jean Marie & Bob Schultz

Sherry Brooks from Bob and Mary Axelson

Stella from Julie & Bob Stepniewski

TY from Dorothy Howard

Ryan & Alyssa Lynam | Eric & Linda Hofschire |

Dirk Hofschire & Family | Steve & Taryl Smith from Joan & Philip Hofschire

Richard Blanc from Emma Blanc

Bandito & Holly from Jill Patrick

Judith & Greg Friedman from Kathleen & Carter Barger

Maggie & Parker Fales from Jennifer Tempest

Doris Hunt from Gregory Bovee

Sue DeWinter from Linda Easton

Roxy from Kevin Milner

Lola from Jim Schorsch

Mary Ann Leonardi from Jeremy M. Bernstein

Loving supporters who have made donations in memory of our

Co-Founder, Jim Calaway

James Noyes

Nancy & Toby Morey

Charla Combest

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Dave & Nancy Snyder

Sue DeWinter

Pat Dobbs

Joyce Gornick

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Terry Lee & Bill Perich

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