In loving memory or in honor of the pets that we love or have loved, and the people who we cherish, with us still or in our hearts.


In Memory Of:

Bode Dalrymple from Pamela Haynes

Bea Young from Mary Korthals

Ava from Pamela Hart

Carol Frenzen from Kristina Simpson

Julie Walrath from Lisa Nieslanik

Robert Judd from Lorrine Fleischman

Judy Budzik from Kristin Lawrence

Jay Sandrich from Linda Sandrich

Rufus from The DiCuollo Family

Petey, Tulip, and Iris from Mary Gray

Franny, Findley, Dexter, and Star from Wick Moses

Bean and Chico from Kim Bock

Ollie from Larry Bogatz

Derby from Catherine Montgomery

Keith Jurgens from Joyce Jurgens

Hannah Roberts Amini from Christine Amini

Krug from Douglas Polson

Skyler from Trent Thibaudeau

Doug Gray from Pam Macmillan

Suzanne Titus from Leslie Elias

Chicken from Christine Grzesiak

Sadie from Sue Coyle

Lynn Katt from Jennifer Greene

Angel Leibell from Lorrine Fleischman

Gracie Loughry from Cari Kaplan

Braxton Goodstein from Kevin Gibson

Margaret Bradbury from Carol McArdell

Mike Snyder from Mary Ann Leonardi

“Sadie” Chester from Monica Brinson

“Sadie” Chester from Cari Kaplan

Diesel from Kirsten Michel

Scout from Jenny Elder-Moke

Roxie from Mary Jo Murphy

“Lucky” Xais from Cari Kaplan

Max from Kathleen Schoenecker

Shelley Gile from Gus and Jane Eifler

Kobe from Mary Ann Leonardi

Willy Wonka from Mary Ann Leonardi

Maggie Fricke from Mary Ann Leonardi

Theresa O’Keefe Klein from Mary Ann Leonardi

Jimmye Sue Kniffin from John and Patricia Cook

Tyler from Debra and William Bielefeldt

Max from Janette Kuramoto

Ajax from Mark and Fran Parnass

Buddy from Kathryn Wentzel

Kuna and Fobos from Kimberly DeFries

Benny from Carolyn Bower

In Honor Of:

Dru from Tianna Loeffler

Moksa from Wewer Keohane

Duke from Levi Garrett

Samoa from Richard Fliam

Noah Baskin from Ann Johnson

Hillary Maley from Kimberly Higgins

Luna Segal from Rebecca Segal

Kerri Heyl from Caitlin Geary

Noe Tellez from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Anais from Cedar Rose Guelberth

David Tellez from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Ashley Meraz from Cedar Rose Guelberth

Sebastian and Clara from Kristi Nicholls

Becky and Chase Lingle from Darcie Dykema

Marguerite Flett, DVM from Dale Hancock

Luka from Claudette Moore

Rainy the Dog from Elizabeth Wysong

Becky Stilin, Tasha and Ava from James Inglis

Jan and Warren Koster from Bryan Koster

Jimmy Dunlop from Thomas Dunlop

Matt, Duncan, and Oliver Goodstein from Antoinette West

PEO Chapter HC Carbondale from Megan Vrono

Linda Austin-Martin from Connor Austin-Martin

Bill Moninger from Cindy Scott

Becky Meagher from Collette Meagher

Boots and Juliet from Catherine Lerner

Shauna de Moraes from Leslie de Moraes

Carmen White from Topher White

Michael Buster from Lara Buster

River McKenzie from Jaime Horsfall

Faith and Bart Lipori from Gayle Embrey

Hazen and Cherryl from Keelan Obrien

Koda Blue from Christopher Toland

Sherry Brooks from Bob Axelson

Kate and Winnie Bradley from Anne Weidmann

Danielle from Juan Rivera

Mijo from Debra and William Bielefeldt

Nick Brooks from Bob Axelson

Bow from Ruth Taggart

Star Basler from Cathi Basler

Bradley from Donna Brown

Hank from Terry and Cami Reece

Hank from Rebecca Steinbach

Loving supporters who have made donations in memory of our

Co-Founder, Jim Calaway

Connie Morgan

Larry Bogatz

Susan Proctor

James Noyes

Nancy & Toby Morey

Charla Combest

Peter & Mike Gilbert

Kathleen & Carter Barger

Dave & Nancy Snyder

Sue DeWinter

Pat Dobbs

Joyce Gornick

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Terry Lee & Bill Perich

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