Thank you for visiting our courtesy post page. The animals listed below are not at Colorado Animal Rescue, nor have they been. They are currently with their owners, but need new forever homes. Please read each biography below to view photos and for more information.



Halo is a complete sweetheart and absolutely loves everyone. She’s very playful and active but also enjoys cuddling up for good long naps. She loves to go on adventures and run free in the mountains on hikes, or even just the dog park. She gets along great with other dogs and children. She’s quite a goofy girl at times and will definitely bring laughter to her new owners world! Be prepared to be smothered with cuddles, licks and lots of love!

My name is Christine and I am very sad to say I must put my 2 year old, 42 lbs, pit-lab-boxer-aussie mix up for adoption. This is very heartbreaking news, but unfortunately my housing situation is not allowing for me to have her anymore. Luckily I am able to keep her until I can find the perfect home. She means the world to me and I must make sure she finds the perfect home. Please call 808-542-2793 to learn more about Halo and how to meet her. Posted: March 2023




Magnus is a sweet and loving 3 year old pit-bull. Some of his favorite things are pleasing his humans, cuddles, playing with doggie friends, rides, running, and hotdogs. Magnus is a high-energy dog and would do best with an active family or in a home with a large yard. He is microchipped, neutered, and up to date on all of his vaccinations. Magnus is great with all dogs and good with most cats, though he gets a little scared and sometimes runs away from them. He is loyal, protective, has a great temperament, and 100% house broken. Magnus is sensitive with certain people and sometimes takes time learning to trust. Once the trust is there he always obeys his owner’s commands; he is happy to sit, stay, and come. As long as other dogs have their own food bowls Magnus is not food aggressive. The only reason we have to find him a new home is due to divorce along with other lifestyle changes, sadly making it impossible to keep him. Magnus deserves a great home. If you’re interested in possibly adopting him, please contact Lexy at (563) 508-9705. Posted: March 2023




Orejas Dobladas (adopted) and Choco are three-year-old littermates. They are sterilized, current on their vaccinations, and take flea and tick prophylactics monthly.

I first saw them as puppies in early 2020, and it was evident that they were not doing well. Their owner readily gave them up to me.  Shortly afterwards, early during the Covid-19 lockdown, they, my other dog, my cat, and I left Denver for an isolated, sparsely populated area on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, where we enjoyed an outdoor, off-leash life until nearly the present day.

Both are happy, playful, affectionate spirits, socialized to people and other dogs, and at least one cat, with whom they lived for about two years.  They are fit and in excellent health.  For most of our time in Baja, we walked, ran, and/or cycled on- and off-leash in the morning, afternoon, and evening, often for distances approaching, at times exceeding, five miles a day.

Choco is a 42 lb. male.  We lived in a remote setting in Mexico, where local roads were unpaved and lightly traveled. He quickly let me know that when we drove, he preferred to run, which on one occasion the odometer measured at 12 miles before I insisted he join us in the car. He would be happiest in a home where he could join others in the household on runs and bike rides. He has a competitive nature, almost always the one to return with the ball when we play fetch. If that’s at the beach, while my other dogs are sizing up the waves and thinking “Umm, I dunoooooo”, he’s already crashed through them head on and is nearly to the ball. While all my dogs are affectionate, Choco leads the pack. He stays closest to me through the day, frequently checking in, and sleeps closest to me at night.

After the two got on their feet, it was my intention to offer them for adoption. With our return to Colorado from Mexico, I’m doing so. If you’re interested in Choco, please contact Kevin at [email protected] Posted: Feb. 2023












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