Thank you for visiting our courtesy post page. The animals listed below are not at Colorado Animal Rescue. They are currently with their owners, but need new forever homes. Please read the bio’s below each photo for information about how to meet the animal.



Chloe is a 2.5 yo German Shepherd mix. She has been through a live-in training program at Blue Dog Ranch in Los Angeles. She is trained at a deep level and an amazing girl — loving, goofy, playful and smart. Chloes rescue is open to transporting her to Western Colorado for the right human and home. Chloe needs a confident, active, dog-devoted human(s) with a flexible work schedule, a calm household with no small children  Chloe is good with children, but she can become overprotective of her children if her training is not maintained. She needs a yard with a 6 high fenceline. And she would do even better with a playful sibling dog that is her size, energy level and also well trained. Chloes adoption comes with 3-4 required training sessions so that the training is transferred to human(s) and to home.

To apply or for any questions, please contact Khmasea at


Hello! My name is Hokti. I am a one year old female pit mix. I was the smallest of my litter and weigh about 22 lbs.
I am very sweet and love to cuddle.  I can be very shy around new people but warm up once I get to know them.
 I was born in Oklahoma and have been in Colorado for about a month am still getting used to the snow.
 My foster mom think’s I would be very sad in the shelter so she’s taking care of me until my perfect person comes along. My foster mom is only supposed to have two dog’s and I am the third. I love her other dogs though and play very well with them.
 I am potty trained, spayed and current on my shot’s.
 I have also spent time around small children and am good with them.
 I am looking for someone that can spend quality time with me,  has the patience to get to know me and will help me build the confidence I need.
 I do well on car rides, walks and think I will be an expert hiker.
 I also really enjoy mellow evenings on the sofa watching Netflix with my teddy.
 If you have a lot of love and think I may a good fit for you,  I would love to meet you.
You can call Kadie @ (970)319-9756 or Lisa @ (970) 404-5934


Minnie is a tiny bundle of fun.  Minnie is a puppy, approximately 9 months- one year old.  She is up to date on all her vaccinations, has been neutered and has regular doses of Heartworm and Bravecta.  She is approximately 14 lbs.  She may be a black, long haired Dachshund, with some terrier.  She is adorable and all who meet her love her.

She has been in a caring foster home for over three months.   We have been working on living in a home, after Minnie spent at least 5 months in a cage, in a Puppy Mill in PA.  Minnie is making great progress.  Minnie rarely has accidents in the house and if she HAS to go, she uses puppy pads.

Minnie is afraid of crates, but we are working on this.  Minnie loves her family and wants to sleep in bed with someone.  Minnie also loves her fellow dog friends, once she establishes she can trust them not to hurt or threaten her.

Minnie is a good leash walker as well as off leash walker.  She never runs unless she is very afraid of another big dog.  If you jog, hike or climb mountains, she can keep up with you and loves exercise.  Interestingly, Minnie is a great flyer, fitting into a carry on and not making a peep for hours, while stored under the seat in front of you.

We don’t yet know how she reacts to cats but, she doesn’t have an aggressive or mean bone in her body.  She just wants to love you when you come home, follow you everywhere and play.  Minnie is very food motivated in terms of training.  She has learned “sit”.  We are working on “down” “wait” “stay”.

Minnie is not hypo-allergenic and families with dog allergies should not adopt Minnie.  Minnie has a beautiful long black (with silver) coat.  She enjoys baths, cuddling, massaging her cute paws and, again, playing.

She would likely fit best in a home with children, as she is such a child, herself.  She would also fit well with another nice dog.  She wants to be your best friend and companion.

If you are interested in Minnie, please email Leigh at

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