Thank you for visiting our courtesy post page. The animals listed below are not at Colorado Animal Rescue, nor have they been. They are currently with their owners, but need new forever homes. Please read the bio’s below each photo for information about how to meet the animal.


Our family has had Bailey for 3 years and he has been well cared for and loved!  He is 5 years old, medium (48 Lbs.) and up-to-date on all his shots. He looks like a Weimaraner/ Border Collie mix.  He lives in a home with 2 teenagers, a cat, and an old dog (as of last year).  Bailey loves to play with balls and cat laser toys.  He is great for hiking, biking and Nordic skiing; off and on-leash.  He is very smart and knows some commands – come, heel, sit, lay down, off, leave it… Bailey is very athletic and needs a home that can offer him more time to run! Please contact Nicki at 970-618-8350. Posted: Sept. 2022




Hi I’m Nemo! I am a 4.5-year-old Portuguese Mountain Dog (my owner says the formal name is, Sierra d’Estrella, but I can’t pronounce that). Anyway, I am a super friendly, cuddly, boy who loves people, other dogs, rides in the car, and mostly, to roam a bit, and do my best impersonation of a bear rug. I came from a kennel outside of Lisbon, Portugal, where my dad and granddad were show dogs for my breed. In fact, my grandpa was a national champion! I weigh around 140lb but most of it is just fur weight (like water weight) as I only eat half a bowl of dry food every evening. Okay, occasionally I get my favorite treat – pizza crust! They say I’ve been neutered and have all my shots up to date.
I have grown up going to dog parks all over the world and US, so I really love other dogs. Same for people. I’ve grown up with my owner and his 3 daughters so I can cuddle with as young as 3 or old as 60 plus. In fact, my owner taught me to be so relaxed you can even take my food away and I’m chill. I like to exercise a bit and run or roam or go on a long walk with my owner, and then spend most of my days and nights chilling or sleeping. Unfortunately, my owner, who has had me for my entire life, has had some massive changes to his situation and we moved off our little ranch in Wolcott, into a small suburban home in Eagle, and now he will travel much more of the time for his work. We love each other but we talked about me going somewhere with some more space to roam and not have me spend a bunch of my life boarding. I think the perfect situation for me is a ranch or farm that would like a gentle, friendly, pal, where I can accompany the owners or chill and be ready to herd a sheep or an errant chicken. At our ranch I was very good at herding the chickens but it did freak them out a bit (even though I don’t Eat chicken!) So, if you think we might be a good match and your situation would work and you have a lot of love to give and want a bunch back, please contact my owner, Brian at either 202-304-6691 or
[email protected] Posted: Sept. 2022




I have been fostering Hummingbird for 2 months and am looking for a new home for her. She is a hound/lab mix, 50 pounds, 8 years old. She is spayed and up to date on her shots. She is very energetic and needs a home with open space and lots of attention. She listens well, is good with children, chickens, and is learning to be sociable with other dogs. She is submissive most of the times unless she is on the leash or feels threatened. She loves cuddles and is eager to please! She is very sweet and loves to swim and run. I can be reached at either 970-361-4496 or [email protected] Posted: Aug. 2022



Age: 14 Breed: Maine Coon, long hair
Health info: she was attacked by a dog about 8 years ago. She just has a bit of residual arthritis from that in her lower back. I give her cat cosequin daily and she does just fine. Still can’t jump onto counter top heights. But can get onto chairs and beds just fine. Last vet visit: October 2021.  Clean bill of health otherwise. Also had some dental work done April 2021. Also up to date on vaccinations.

She does really enjoy being outside in the summertime, but I wouldn’t call her a true outdoor cat. She doesn’t like to spend the night outside. She is a bit cautious (since the dog attack) and stays pretty close to home. Prefers the security of a backyard, but will spend hours lounging in the sun if she feels comfortable.

We do have a dog and she does get along with her. But I’m sure if we could ask her, she would prefer a dogless home (wouldn’t every cat?). She mostly just doesn’t interact with the dog and the dog does the same with her.

She is declawed. I know this is a controversial topic. It was not my choice. She came to me declawed.

Once she is attached to you, she does love pets. She’s not overly affectionate but does love pets and laying on the couch/bed with you. Pretty low maintenance otherwise. She loves food! So we do have to ration her when we go on vacation but do have an automatic feeder that would come with her.

Weight: 12 lbs.

If you guys would like any other info, just let me know!

Posted: Feb. 2022







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