Thank you for visiting our courtesy post page. The animals listed below are not at Colorado Animal Rescue, nor have they been. They are currently with their owners, but need new forever homes. Please read the bio’s below each photo for information about how to meet the animal.


Pet Information: 
12 years old
Maggie is very sweet and loving. She likes being held like a baby with belly rubs. She is a pretty laid back kitty and has lived as an office kitty for some time now. She picks her favorite person and sticks by their side, but loves everyone. Maggie has recently been diagnosed as diabetic and her current office family can no longer take care of her. She would be a wonderful addition to any home. It is unknown if she gets along with children, dogs, or other cats, but based on her laid back personality she seems like she would fit right in in almost any environment. (I will be taking her home this afternoon where other dogs reside, so we will find out shortly how she does with other animals).
Caregiver information:
Ashlyn Smith
Please text and/or email with any questions regarding adopting Maggie. Phone calls can be set up, but likely will not be answered during the day without prior notice.


Age: 14
Breed: Maine Coon, long hair
Health info: she was attacked by a dog about 8 years ago. She just has a bit of residual arthritis from that in her lower back. I give her cat cosequin daily and she does just fine. Still can’t jump onto counter top heights. But can get onto chairs and beds just fine. Last vet visit: October 2021.  Clean bill of health otherwise. Also had some dental work done April 2021. Also up to date on vaccinations.

She does really enjoy being outside in the summertime, but I wouldn’t call her a true outdoor cat. She doesn’t like to spend the night outside. She is a bit cautious (since the dog attack) and stays pretty close to home. Prefers the security of a backyard, but will spend hours lounging in the sun if she feels comfortable.

We do have a dog and she does get along with her. But I’m sure if we could ask her, she would prefer a dogless home (wouldn’t every cat?). She mostly just doesn’t interact with the dog and the dog does the same with her.

She is declawed. I know this is a controversial topic. It was not my choice. She came to me declawed.

Once she is attached to you, she does love pets. She’s not overly affectionate but does love pets and laying on the couch/bed with you. Pretty low maintenance otherwise. She loves food! So we do have to ration her when we go on vacation but do have an automatic feeder that would come with her.

Weight:12 lbs

If you guys would like any other info, just let me know!


Jerry Lee

This handsome boy is a 10  year old tabby who loves hanging out with people! He’s social and gets along great with other cats and even enjoys dogs. Unfortunately due to my living situation in an assisted living home, I cannot let my cat outside anymore and he’d be much happier being an indoor cat who has access to catching mice and hanging out outside.  I am located in Carbondale. Please call Brenda at (970) 930-5898.


Cali is a 4 year old German Shepherd / Husky mix who gets along great with other dogs and children. She’s an active girl who goes on 2 walks a day and loves to hike and play. She’s a highly intelligent dog and very loving.
I am 70 and have to re-home her as she is too much dog for me at this stage of my life. I want to find the best home and life possible for Cali. We live on a ranch in the Lower Valley. If you’re interested in meeting Cali, please call Kris at 303-669-2888.


Reverend is a 2 year old, White Labrador Retriever (he turned 2 on April 24th 2021). He is about 90 lbs, neutered, vaccinated, full of spunk and energy, SUPER lovable, dopey, adorable, loves balls and all toys, kennel trained, and did I mention energy?
Rev needs a home where he is gonna get more time (for training) and possibly more space to run and play. He gets along with other dogs (big and small) and is good with everyone, although given his size & dopey-ness he would do better in a home with bigger kids that can “handle him”. I could see him loving to tag along with someone to go camping, fishing, and venturing in the woods! He needs to learn his manners a bit more. Although he does know basic commands, he’s quick to ignore them, but he does catch on quickly also. He is a truly a good boy that deserves the best! Lillian 970-417-6468


Beans is a 2 year old Chiuahua. He is the best cuddle bug and is housebroken. He does have some issues to be worked on, but with the right space and home, Beans could be a great addition. He does ok with cats, and a small, well rounded dog would be really helpful, as Beans still has a lot to learn! Absolutely no children. Beans is very treat/food motivated. Please contact me for more information, as there is more to discuss concerning what Beans needs! AJ 970-260-6292


Luna is great with cats but should be an only dog to avoid ear hematoma development. She has special emotional needs, but once she finds her trust in you she blossoms into a gentle & cuddly dog. She is quick to learn & has mastered several tricks including, sit, shake, stand, & lay down.
Her ideal home will have an enclosed yard, no children, no other dogs (again she’s great with cats) & a patient, understanding, gentle, reassuring person who delights in helping her stay calm during encounters with other humans & won’t push her into social situations.
At home Luna is a low energy dog perfect for an older couple or single person. Luna is currently living in Silt,, CO. Call with inquiries She comes with her vet paperwork & is currently up to date on all shots (leave message to receive call back) 719-373-3338.


Nalu is the sweetest Weimaraner you’ll ever meet and is looking for her forever perfect home!!! Her owner was unable to keep her due to no fault of her own at all. I agreed to keep her until we found her a home and would claim her as mine, but I have too many dogs as it is.

Nalu has a lot of energy so she will need someone that likes to take her out. She is 9 years old, but acts like she’s 5. She loves to go on rides and do anything with her human. She’s very loyal. She’s gentle with other dogs and loves kids. She’s very curious about livestock, but does not bother them at all. I’m not sure if she’s been around cats, but she keeps to herself. She loves to cuddle and sleep under the blankets if you allow her to. It is with great sadness that we have to find her another home. Alli Sexton 970-274-3242


This handsome boy is welcoming his golden years! He would love a home to enjoy the best years with! Chewy loves people and would be the best boy! However, he would do best without cats or small dogs/puppies. If he has a furry larger dog sibling, he will need time to adjust and slow introductions. Chewy may be older but he is still up for an adventure. He loves going on walks or hikes and exploring his surroundings. He also enjoys napping and snuggling up with his humans. He does good in a crate but will need exercise! He loves going for runs and is a great car riding buddy! He is good with kids too! Chewy is food motivated and eager to please! He just needs a patient owner who will make sure he stays active! Is this handsome senior a fit for you? Apply today at: or contact Kris Shannon, 919-345-5153

Ellie and Jake

Jake is the black one. He is pit and lab mix and is about 4 years old. He basically lives for cuddles. He loves walks and sis I mention he likes cuddles?! He does do well with kids but Unfortunately he does not get along with other dogs, with the exception of his girlfriend, Ellie.
Ellie is a pit and Australian Shepherd mix. She is also about 4 years old. She loves food, walks and belly rubs. She also loves Jake more than anything! She does well with kids and other dogs on her own. She does have some food allergies, she cannot have grain, chicken or eggs otherwise she will be very itchy.
We hope that these two can stay together because they love each other so much and I’m sure it will make their transition into a new home easier.
Please call, text or email Krista for more information! 970-456-1438 or [email protected]

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