Thank you for visiting our courtesy post page. The animals listed below are not at Colorado Animal Rescue, nor have they been. They are currently with their owners, but need new forever homes. Please read the bio’s below each photo for information about how to meet the animal.

Ellie and Jake

Jake is the black one. He is pit and lab mix and is about 4 years old. He basically lives for cuddles. He loves walks and sis I mention he likes cuddles?! He does do well with kids but Unfortunately he does not get along with other dogs, with the exception of his girlfriend, Ellie.
Ellie is a pit and Australian Shepherd mix. She is also about 4 years old. She loves food, walks and belly rubs. She also loves Jake more than anything! She does well with kids and other dogs on her own. She does have some food allergies, she cannot have grain, chicken or eggs otherwise she will be very itchy.
We hope that these two can stay together because they love each other so much and I’m sure it will make their transition into a new home easier.
Please call, text or email Krista for more information! 970-456-1438 or



Nova is a petite 42 lb, five-year-old Australian Cattle Dog / Collie / Belgian Malinois mix who loves cuddling, hiking, and working with her trainer. Sensitive by nature, she is a sweet, silly, and loving companion who is affectionate with her inner circle of people and makes new friends slowly. Once trust is built, she is loyal and affectionate with new people (and some dogs) and will continue to invite new members into her tribe. Loyal and obedient, she loves spending time — especially outdoors! —  with her family and her clan.

Nova is super smart, alert, and eager to please, and would thrive with ongoing structured training from an experienced dog owner or trainer. She responds best to a combination of consistent, positive reinforcement, plenty of structured physical activity and supervised outdoor time, occasional treats, and plenty of gentle affection. Active, agile, and athletic by nature, she would be thrilled to learn obstacle course work, nose work, or hone her frisbee skills with her new owner. She is great on leash and loves long walks, hikes, and the occasional camping trip.

She will thrive in a quiet, stable home without too many distractions or interruptions. She is looking for a new home without any small children. One dog may be okay, depending on age/temperament, but no cats (her herding instinct likes to chase them). Her ideal home is outside of the city with ample outdoor space to run around in (or access to plenty of outdoor space nearby).

Nova is looking for someone who can make her feel safe and help build her confidence. With ongoing active training, positive daily routines, plenty of positive reinforcement, and the firm but loving presence of her new owner, she will be a loyal and affectionate companion for life.

If interested, contact Tanya Fleisher (970-618-6141 /


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