Lead Veterinary Technician

One of the most important roles at Colorado Animal Rescue is that of Lead Veterinary Technician.  Our lead vet tech is on the job 40 hours a week and oversees the medical care of our ever- changing shelter population.  This includes cleaning, animal intake and daily care protocols, ordering and inventory of medical supplies, and assisting the shelter Veterinarian.  This role is dynamic and challenging, while very rewarding.  Our medical team recently added dental x-ray equipment, dental prophy, and is providing excellent comprehensive care to shelter pets.

In collaboration with the shelter Veterinarian, this position assists with patient preparation, surgical procedures, and exams. The Lead Vet Tech then implements and carries out treatment plans with the help of shelter staff.  Communication plays a large role in this job, requiring effective communication with the shelter Vet, shelter staff, the general public, local Veterinary clinics, to ensure proper health care to animals under the protection of the shelter.  In addition, the Lead Vet Tech oversees and enacts shelter protocols for disease prevention, vaccinations, sanitation, intake procedures, and daily monitoring of shelter pet health and wellbeing.

Lead Veterinary Technician is a full-time position and includes optional enrollment in group health insurance (80%/20% shared funding), vision insurance, life insurance, paid vacation time, and 4 1/2 day work week.  Starting pay for this role is $20-$22/hr depending on experience.  *See below to apply


Medical Team

Working closely with our Lead Veterinary Technician, medical team members assists in daily veterinary care of all shelter pets.  From intake exams, vaccinations, and daily medication to surgery prep and assistance, this role is dynamic.  Depending on availability, additional responsibilities may include further involvement with animal care and enrichment as well as assisting with adoption and intake of shelter pets.

Full or Part-time hours are available and all animal lovers with a passion for veterinary care are encouraged to apply.  Starting pay for this role is $18-$21/hr depending on experience. *See below to apply


*To become a part of our fun, hardworking team, send a letter of interest and resume to [email protected]

Please share the role(s) that interests you most and your preference for full-time (36-40 hrs/wk) or part time (16-36 hrs/wk) scheduling.  

Working at the shelter is a highly rewarding job that makes a difference in the lives of people and homeless pets in our community.  A typical day at the shelter for all employees may include:

  • Joining in daily care, nutrition, enrichment, and placement of dogs, cats, and other shelter pets
  • Maintaining a safe and clean environment
  • Welcoming adopters, pet owners, and visitors through positive in-person, telephone, and email interactions
  • Reviewing adoption surveys to match adopters with a pet waiting for a home
  • Designing and posting social media to spotlight C.A.R.E.’s adoptable pets
  • Helping reunite a lost pet with their family

Ideal candidates for our team are:

  • Outgoing and team-oriented
  • Compassionate and understanding with great communication skills
  • Animal lovers and advocates
  • Great multi-taskers who enjoy variety in their day
  • Reliable
  • Available to work at least one weekend day
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish/English), preferred not required



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