Conjunctivitis is characterized by swelling and/or yellow or green discharge in and around the eyes. An eye ointment or drops are typically prescribed to treat the infection. An exam will need to be performed by C.A.R.E. medical staff to determine if eye medication is needed. If so, we will send you home with the appropriate medication. 

  • To administer the ointment, hold the kitten—s eye open and squeeze a rice size piece of ointment into the eye without touching the tip of the tube to the eye. Close the eyelids to distribute the medication. To administer eye drops hold the kitten—s eye open with its nose up and then let the drop fall into the inside corner of the eye near the tear duct. Open and close the eye a few times to get ointment or drops worked in well.
  • To clean the kitten—s eyes, use a cotton ball or gauze that is clean with warm water. If the eye is sealed shut you will need to use the warm cotton ball as a compress and let it sit there for a few minutes. This will soften the crusted material around the eye. Once it is soft and pliable you can wipe it from the eye. Start at the area closest to the nose and wipe outward. Don—t force the material off of the eye. You may need to continue to let the cotton ball set on the eyelid to soften the material for longer. Once everything has been cleaned around the eye you can administer eye medications as directed. It will be helpful to the kitten if you can gently wipe the eye clean multiple times a day. If you do not have a cotton ball or gauze square you can use a soft washcloth or Kleenex. Make sure that you use a clean washcloth each time. Never share between kittens either.

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