For general foster questions and/or if you need additional supplies:


Most medical concerns can be managed by C.A.R.E. veterinary staff, especially when caught early through your monitoring of the animals.

For all medical concerns and emergencies, 7 days a week: 

  • Email vet team, via [email protected] AND cc beth@coloradoanimalrescue or [email protected].
    • When emailing regarding health concerns, please attach photos of abnormal stool, urine, vomit, ocular/nasal discharge, strange behavior, etc. 
  • During C.A.R.E. business hours: Tues-Sat. 11am – 5:00pm and Sun. 11am – 4:30pm, veterinary staff members can be reached via phone at 970-947-9173.

The following are medical emergencies requiring immediate attention. As a foster you have permission to take C.A.R.E. animals to the nearest emergency vet if onset of the symptoms below were to occur after-hours or over a weekend. In these instances C.A.R.E. will pay for veterinary treatment. 

  • Constipation or straining to urinate, paired with vocalization
  • Repeated vomiting coupled with diarrhea
  • Lethargy/weakness – seems sleepy all the time
  • Bleeding from any part of the body
  • Coughing, wheezing, or labored breathing
  • Paralysis
  • Extreme change in attitude or behavior
  • Temperature too low (below 98ºF) or too high (above 104ºF)

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