• Spay/neuter appointments are made 2-3 weeks in advance during the busy season, based on weights. The foster coordinator will contact you with some suggested surgery dates about 2 weeks in advance. 
  • The drop off date will typically be one day prior to the kittens surgery date. This will allow us to get final weights on the kittens and perform an exam prior to anesthesia.
  • Bring in your completed weight monitor sheet (and any other medical monitoring charts) with your kittens the day of drop off.
  • Please remember to bring back any and all foster supplies that were given to you when you return the kittens. Please reference the supply list given to you to ensure all items are accounted for. If you have misplaced an item, please let the foster coordinator know, as we do try to maintain an inventory of supplies. It’s helpful if the items are washed, sanitized, etc. but it’s not necessary or required. 

To sanitize supplies:

    • BEDDING: Remove all kitten bedding (towels, beds, etc.) and wash it in hot water with bleach added. Follow your machine’s guidelines for adding bleach to the wash load. 
    • LITTER BOX AND SCOOPER: Wash litter box and scooper with hot water and dish soap first. Scrub clean and rinse. Then liberally spray with Rescue disinfectant spray (in your supplies), and scrub again. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.
    • BOWLS: If you have items that can be washed in the dishwasher, please do so since the heat will disinfect those items.
    • TOYS: Toys made of all plastic can be sprayed with Rescue disinfectant spray, left to sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinsed. Soft or fabric toys can be place in a bowl of bleach solution, consisting of one part bleach to 32 parts cold water (1 ounce to every 32 ounces of water). 
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