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Support Contacts

We're here for you!

Expectations and Guidelines

A few rules and protocols

Preparing for Foster Puppies

Puppy-Proofing Your Foster Room and Home


Everything you need to care for your puppies

Vaccines and Routine Care

Vaccine and deworming schedule

Common Ailments and Medical Emergencies

Pregnant Mothers and the Birthing Process

What to expect during the birthing process

Bottle Babies

How to care for neonate puppies

Feeding, Growth, and Development

Learn more

Socialization, Playtime, and Training

Playtime, crate training, and more!

Shy Puppies

Shy, scared puppies? Here are some tips!

Adoption Process

C.A.R.E. adoption process, how it works

Returning Your Puppies

Details on how to return your puppies to C.A.R.E.

Cleaning Between Litters

Cleaning protocols to get ready for your next litter

Help the animals in our care by donating to the shelter! Your gift, no matter how big or small, will improve the lives of homeless & abandoned animals within our community and beyond. Thanks so much for your support!

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