COVID-19 and your pets. What should you do?

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Like you, Colorado Animal Rescue is very concerned about the wellbeing of our shelter pets and the pets in our community as the COVID-19 illness arrives in our area.  The following links provide valuable information from trusted sources and we encourage you to take a quick read. Our key takeaways from these articles include:

  • There is no evidence that the virus is communicable to or from our pets.  

  • Preparing your pets for outstanding circumstances by ensuring they have updated microchip information and are wearing current identification is key.

  • Recording details about your pet’s medication & dosages, allergies, and your veterinarian’s contact information will help in the event of emergency care.

  • Identifying and communicating with family members or friends who can care for your pet in case you fall ill will keep them safe in loving arms.

Colorado Animal Rescue is committed to helping pets in need during this crisis.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling to care for their pet please contact us at 970-947-9173 or by e-mail at

We wish you all an abundance of purrs, snuggles, wet noses, and animal kisses.

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