The Year of the Underdog (and Cat!)

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In 2022 we cared for quite a few senior dogs and cats (7 years and older), and a handful of pets that stayed with us for more than 90 days! We’ve dubbed these pets “the underdogs (or cats!)”.

While it may have taken a bit longer to find their forever home, these pets overcame the challenge! During their stay, our team developed special relationships, so it was bittersweet watching them go to their new homes.

In December we had the opportunity to catch up with a few adopters and learn how their underdog/cat is doing – read more below!


Huckleberry has just been so amazing. He—s a totally different doggo today. He is so confident now, and has a very calm demeanor. He has stopped barking at everything!

He meets people/strangers all the time, and while he doesn—t like to be petted, he—s okay so long as there is a few feet of distance. He loves playing with other dogs, and while he does play rough, he—s not aggressive.

Huckleberry is very intelligent. He listens to commands well. He routinely goes off-leash, leaves other dogs in the area alone, and comes back immediately when I call him. He loves to play fetch, and likes it when I hide his ball from him under a blanket. He also likes to jump and hop in tall grass and bite the grasshoppers he stirs up. Squirrels drive him crazy, and his little ears vibrate with excitement.

I am so thankful for this doggo. He is my best companion, and we do almost everything together. We go out for a 3 mile jog/walk every morning, and he gets 15 ball throws in the morning at his park. This routine makes him pretty relaxed for the rest of the day.

We go exploring together, and he has taken me places I never would have gone before. He is a great reason to get out of the car, and say “let—s go see what—s over that hill.”

I—m truly blessed to have this doggo. A heartfelt thanks to the Colorado Animal Rescue.


Frannie’s doing great. She loves to sit in the window and bask in the sun. She moves around throughout the day depending on which window the sun is hitting. When I’m home she follows me around the house and at night she sleeps in the crook of my neck. She is the cutest!


We are so happy to have adopted Honey Kitty (or Honey Bunches of Love) in July. She was an adorable quiet and sweet kitty whenever we spent time with her during kitty petting time at CARE. We loved that she was an older kitty who was already litter box trained and more settled about life. A couple weeks after we adopted her, she started to become more involved with our daily activities around the house and sought out playtime with us. She loves to run around our kitchen chasing a piece of yarn or tries daily to tame the infamous red laser dot! She is also the queen of our large bean bag that she sinks into for some kitty nap time. We can see how when a pet receives human love and interaction, they can blossom before our eyes and lead a very enriched and happy life, even when they—re adopted as senior pets. We are so happy to have Honey Kitty as part of our family and encourage anyone to adopt older pets as these animals have so much love to give and can thrive on the love we give them.


Dobby and Hagrid have settled in nicely. Dobby spends most of his time on the cat tree I got looking out the window at the birds on my feeder, or the people and cars outside. Hagrid is always by my side at my computer sitting on the chair next to me and loves constant attention. When I get home they both follow me to whatever room I go in. Dobby loves to cuddle in my bed and will come running ahead of me and jump up on the bed whenever I ask if he wants to cuddle.


Special thanks to Shan, Melissa, Laurie, and Josh for sharing these beautiful stories!
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