Halloween Safety Tips

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While everyone enjoys this spooky holiday, be sure your furry friend is safe this Halloween!

Three Tips to Staying Safe

  1. CANDY STASH: Make sure all candy is secure and not accessible to your pup. Candy and chocolate treats are toxic to animals! If you believe your furry friend has ingested something toxic, please call your local veterinarian. The ASPCA poison control hotline is also a great resource: ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435
  2. BE COSTUME AWARE: While everyone loves a cat in a hat or dog in a hotdog, make sure your pet is comfortable in his/her costume before taking them out on the town. Costumes can be ill-fitting and cause stress for your animal. Be sure to spend plenty of time getting your pet comfortable with their Halloween outfit and make sure your animal is able to breathe, move, and maintain a good temperature in their costume.
  3. WHO IS AT THE DOOR!?: Halloween will bring many new visitors to your home. If your dog is uneasy, please put them in a separate room away from the front door. As with any holiday, make sure your dog is wearing proper identification in the event they escape.

Halloween is a special time to celebrate all things scary. In order to ensure a great time this season, please take proper precautions to alleviate stress for your animal family. Happy Halloween!

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