Considering a dog? What to expect when adopting

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So you just finished A Dogs Purpose and realize that what you—ve been missing in your life is a
dog. You know you want a loyal and loving companion but how do you begin the process?
Adopting a dog can seem daunting but here are a few things you can expect when you choose
to adopt.

-Love. Endless love. Wet kisses love. Always-happy- to-see- you love.
Shelter dogs can be a constant (and often incessant) source of love and affection. Curious about
a certain dog—s personality? We know all of our doggies well and are happy to answer any
questions you have about them! We promise to help you find the perfect companion!

-Positive Changes in Lifestyle
Looking for a little motivation? Scientific studies have concluded, owning a dog is GOOD for
your health! Dogs encourage you to take a walk, enjoy the outdoors, and sniff the roses. In fact,
we could all learn a great deal about life from dogs. Interacting with a pooch is also proven to
reduce anxiety and promote social interaction with fellow dog owners, trainers, adopters, etc.
What—s not to love about that!?

Dogs are an amazing source of entertainment. From romping around in the yard to sleeping
upside down, dogs inspire us to whip out the camera, share photos, and engage in things such
as cutest dog competitions. When adopting, expect to laugh, fill up your photo storage space,
and be constantly entertained.

So what about your favorite pair of shoes? Look, dog ownership isn—t always easy but we think
the benefits outweigh the risks by a million. When you choose to adopt, expect some bumps in
the road- it takes time for both you and your pooch to adjust. But with every walk, belly rub,
and treat you are building a bond that lasts a lifetime and really there is nothing better than
that! Ready to add a new friend to your family? Come visit our adoptable dogs!


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