High School students give back to the community in their senior year

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Also called a capstone experienceculminating project, or senior exhibition, among many other terms, a capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of high school or middle school, or at the end of an academic program. While similar in some ways to a college thesis, capstone projects may take a wide variety of forms, but most are long-term investigative projects that culminate in a final product, presentation, or performance. For example, students may be asked to select a topic, profession, or social problem that interests them, conduct research on the subject, maintain a portfolio of findings or results, create a final product demonstrating their learning acquisition or conclusions (a paper, short film, or multimedia presentation, for example), and give an oral presentation on the project to a panel of teachers, experts, and community members who collectively evaluate its quality.

We are extremely lucky that numerous students within the Roaring Fork Valley have chosen C.A.R.E. as their capstone project focus, and we couldn’t be more excited to have their help in spreading our mission. Most capstone projects require the students create a “product”,  which over the years have manifested as videos about the benefit of volunteering at local animal shelters, Instagram accounts highlighting our adoptable animals, brochures about our Foster Care Program, and much more. Over the years C.A.R.E. staff have served as “Community Experts”, guiding and educating students about our vision, but all of the hard work is put in by the students themselves. We are immensely grateful for their hard work and dedication to the animals of our community. Check out a couple of the student’s adoptable animal Instagram accounts below!





Portions of this article taken from: https://www.edglossary.org/capstone-project/


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