2019 Kennel Improvement Campaign

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The stray and homeless pets at Colorado Animal Rescue are on a journey that most of us have never experienced.  They’ve lost the people they loved and who loved them in return.  They’ve lost their yard, their bed, and their favorite dinner.  They likely feel scared and alone, missing that safe place called home.  In our care, we work to sooth those losses and calm those fears.  Our staff is loving and the shelter is warm & dry.  Meals are abundant and treats are plentiful!  We do everything we can to make this place feel like home.

As we move forward in 2019, we’re reminded that our shelter is approaching 20 years old.  It’s still a comfortable home, but it is time to improve the housing areas for our resident pets.  Our cats received awesome upgrades last year and are loving the recent additions to the community cat room.   This summer, we’d like to offer the same comforts to our wonderful dogs.

For the next month, C.A.R.E. is raising money to fund our Kennel Improvement Project.  We are buying new bedding, adjusting lighting, adding background music, and increasing sound insulation in our kennel areas.  Hallways will be freshly painted, flooring will be repaired, and each kennel will be as nice as the next.  Outside, we’ll add more shade and vegetation in outdoor spaces, giving the dogs more room to roam and play.

Can you help us improve the quality of housing for the animals in our C.A.R.E.?

A generous donor has pledged to match donations for this project!  By donating this month, your contribution with be DOUBLED and we will be sure to meet every need for our improvements.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support.

♥️The staff and animals at Colorado Animal Rescue

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