Kitten season is here! Here’s how you can help.

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Ah, kitten season. So many kittens—too many kittens—could there be such a thing?

Unfortunately, for shelters, the answer is yes. Kitten season is often the most overwhelming time of year.

Cat mating season is approximately January through February and about two months later, kittens are born. Each mother cat typically bears three to five kittens starting in spring and peaking in late spring/early summer.

How can you help during kitten season? Here are some tips on how you can help your local shelter when it needs it most.

Fulfill Wish Lists

Colorado Animal Rescue created an Amazon Wish List to make it easy for individuals to contribute exactly what the shelter needs. Items needed include wet kitten food, bedding, litter, toys, and bottles. Kitten food, both wet and dry, is always needed.


If you are knowledgeable about cats, consider fostering a pregnant mother cat or litter of kittens! Start by filling out our foster care survey HERE. Our Foster Care Coordinator will then chat with you about the basics and determine a match based on your level of experience.


If you have the space, adopting a cat during kitten season helps the shelter create more space to care for another homeless kitten or cat. If your home is full, talk to you friends and family to see who might be able to adopt a new friend.


Shelters need all the help they can get during kitten season. If you have free time, volunteer your time several hours or one day per week to your local shelter. If you don—t have the time to volunteer, consider donating money to help the shelter care for animals in your community.

Prevent Pregnancy

Once a female cat reaches five months of age, she can become pregnant. Each litter can produce several kittens, which quickly adds up. A mother cat can even become pregnant while nursing. To prevent pregnancy, spay or neuter your pet and keep her or him indoors.

Do What You Can

Kitten season is filled with fluff and love, but we need your help to handle it all. You may not be able to do everything listed above or even one of the items at this time, but now that you know there—s a need, do what you can when you can. Who knows, you may even find a new best friend along the way!


















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