Why two cats are better than one

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Are you thinking of entering the world of cat ownership? Get ready to have your life changed! You will have someone waiting to greet you at your door—whether you—ve been gone all day, or just a few minutes to walk to your mailbox. You will enjoy the companionship of your feline friend during the leisurely evening hours and the early break of day—often reminding you when it—s time to get up. You may never need an alarm clock again!

Given the joys of owning a cat, perhaps you should consider adopting two cats at the same time. Bringing home two cats could double the pleasure for you and your feline friends.

Two—s Company

Consider your lifestyle before bringing home pets. If you travel extensively, live in an apartment that does not allow pets, or if you are away from home for long periods each day, you might not be ready for one cat – let alone two. However, if you spend a reasonable amount of time at home, a couple of cats could make purrfect companions.

Picture your cats grooming each other and nuzzling together in a sunny spot in your family room. The cats can provide each other with companionship in your absence, and then they can share your lap when you—re at home. Each cat will provide social interaction and mental stimulation that will help the other avoid behavior problems.

All in the Family

“Sibling” cats (whether related by blood or not) can entertain each other and provide needed exercise. This will help keep your cats in shape and healthy, which could help them avoid obesity and the health problems that come with extra pounds.

There—s no reason to delay bringing two cats home with you, especially if you can adopt a pair with an established friendship. However, don—t worry too much about feline matchmaking. Pairing unalike cats can prove to be fabulous. For example, a young, active kitten may revitalize an overweight, mature, “cool” cat. The youngster is likely to stimulate the older cat—s desire to play and get him or her moving.

Other reasons to adopt two cats at once are more practical. Two new cats can take one trip to the veterinarian for “healthy cat” checkups. They can even share the same food regardless of their size, breed, or age, making mealtime a lot simpler. Two cats can also share toys and possibly bedding, but best of all, having two cats eliminates the guilt you might feel leaving one cat at home while you attend work or school responsibilities. They can keep each other company, and having a companion may reduce the stress level of both cats.





















Portions of this article taken from: https://www.canidae.com/blog/2018/05/why-you-should-adopt-two-cats-at-once/

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