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Breck came to C.AR.E. on August 4th of this year, being surrendered by his owner because they were moving and were unable to keep him where they were going. Having lived his whole life with one person, unfortunately the transition into the shelter wasn’t easy for Breck. He spent the first few days at the shelter huddled into the back of his kennel, scared, lacking the confidence and socialization needed to handle the outside world. We quickly noticed that Breck tends to gravitate towards women, a trait common in shy or undersocialized dogs. Lucky for us, the majority of the staff here at the shelter are women, and after the first few days he quickly started to blossom and show trust with some of our female staff!

Not long after Breck was relinquished to our shelter, we heard news that the Grizzly Creek Fire was spreading, and potentially heading our direction. In an effort to be prepared, we started the process of placing each and every animal with a foster family in case our area might be evacuated. By the afternoon of August 12th, we had placed 14 out of 15 of our shelter animals into loving homes. All, but Breck. Due to how shy he was in the shelter, we were trying to place him in a very specific home, a home that was mellow, without small children, and ideally with someone with time to dedicate to help bring this sweet, handsome boy out of his shell. By late afternoon that day, just in the nick of time, we received a call from a wonderful foster who met all of the criteria we were looking for. Although this foster was brand new to our foster care program, they were ready and willing to lend a hand and had the perfect home environment for him. They dropped what they were doing and immediately came up to meet him, and took him home.

The next day our Foster Coordinator called the foster family to check in on Breck. And wouldn’t you know, he was doing fantastic! Breck’s new foster mom said that he was settling in well, appeared to be completely housebroken, mellow, and warmed up quickly to her. While it took him a little bit longer to become comfortable with her husband, they took it slow and gave him the time and space he needed to build that relationship and bond. We are happy to report that Breck and his foster dad are now best of friends! The foster has recently reported that Breck has been doing much, much better meeting strangers, and is gaining the confidence we always knew he had.

While we could tell you more about how he’s been doing in the weeks since then, Breck would like to tell you himself:

“Hi, my name is Breck! I came to live with my foster family after C.A.R.E. needed to voluntarily evacuate due do the Grizzly Creek Fire. I was happy to be in a loving home again! The shelter frightened and confused me. Although I had a hard time at the shelter, it took a very short time to settle into my foster home. I warmed up to my foster Mom instantly. It took a few more days to start trusting my foster Dad, but now we are best buddies. I am a very happy dog!

I am content hanging out with my foster mom, and am happy laying beside her feet on the floor. I love going for walks. I walk on the leash well, although I am a dog so the wonderful smells of the world sometimes get my attention. I can be easily redirected back to our walk. I am happy to be by myself in the big back yard and also love playing fetch there! I love a good belly rub

For a 2 year old cattle dog mix, I am fairly mellow if I do say so myself! I am not even a barker like some dogs I know!

I do know a few basic commands, sit, come. I am working on heel, stay and lay down commands. I am sure those will come quickly with consistent instruction. I promise I will be loyal and loving and we’ll be best friends forever!

I can’t wait to meet you!


This sweet boy has had his share of ups and downs, and is still searching for his “forever” person. Could that be you? If so, please call us at 970-947-9173 for more information.

Want a little more information about Breck? Click HERE



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