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The events of 2020 couldn—t feel more sporadic.  As we collectively charge ourselves into another holiday season with optimism for a healthier and less stressful year ahead, it is beneficial to find moments which can help ground us.  In today—s world of unknowns and surprises, animals are the perfect fur-resources to help us create moments of lucidity and calm, in a world that seems to spin faster each week.

Feeling the warm welcome of your furry-friend is the shot of dopamine we all desire after a long and stressful day at work or out and about. The bag of stress and anxiety you brought home on your shoulders can easily be shredded when no matter how crazy the day got, your best friend sprints off the couch to the door at the sound of your key entering the lock. No matter how bad your day went, having a special friend greet you with adoration via a wagging tail (or a nonchalant feline glare) is medicine for the soul.

With so many events, to-do—s, pop-ups on the calendar, and general life stress, being with our four-legged companions helps us stay grounded in the moment.  The next time you may be drifting towards thinking of the regional meeting, the electric bill coming in on the 1st of the month, or what you may have failed to accomplish yesterday, take a minute to give your fur companion a snuggle, give a belly rub, or get a slobbery kiss. It will remind you that you are exactly where you are meant to be. I encourage you to enjoy and reflect on the “little” moments with your pets this season.  And for those that are without and searching, I encourage you to find your best pal if you are able and willing. They are definitely out there waiting for you.  Pets are the partners that can keep us steady and optimistic. Thus, in our chaotic world our pet—s consistencies are our intangible blessings.


Guest submission by Adam Kohlruss, M.S.

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