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Colorado Animal Rescue is a proud supporter of the Socially Conscious Sheltering Community!

Socially Conscious Sheltering is a compassionate, transparent and thoughtful model
of how shelters can best support vulnerable animals. It is a shared set of beliefs that
animal welfare organizations around the world are embracing to create best possible
outcomes for shelter cats and dogs.

Check out the 8 tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering HERE

How can I support Socially Conscious Sheltering? 
The Socially Conscious Sheltering bill (Bill Number 21-1160, Sponsors: Rep. Duran & Rep. Soper, Sen. Ginal) ensures every healthy and safe cat and dog in a shelter is placed in an appropriate home or living situation and the basic medical and behavioral needs of cats and dogs are properly and individually addressed while they are in the care of a shelter or rescue. This legislation will lead the nation in
creating the best, safest and most humane outcomes for animals across Colorado.



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