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Last January, Colorado Animal Rescue kicked off a new campaign to provide EVERY pet with current identification.  By sending a free pet ID tag to any pet owner, we hope to decrease or eliminate the time a stray animal may spend at the shelter.  After all, there is no better way to return a lost animal home than by contacting the owner directly!

We’re proud to announce that in 2021 we mailed 508 Free Pet ID Tags to Colorado pets in need!

In addition to id tags, microchips are also available at the shelter for only $30.  Microchips contain an identification number that is linked to an owner—s supplied contact information.  They provide pets with a lifelong link to safety and are effective when an id tag isn—t present. 

To order an id tag for each of your pets, follow the link below.  Choose your favorite color and style! Your pet—s tags will arrive by mail free of charge, ready to add to their collar.  Thank you to Phil Long Subaru for initially sponsoring this program.





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