Outpouring of Love for Betty

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We are elated to announce that C.A.R.E. has received  $5,650 in donations honoring the wonderful life of Betty White!

This grand gesture is a testament to Betty—s generous spirit and truly celebrates her dedicated work to improve the lives of all animals.  Thank you Betty!  And, thank you to everyone who donated to our shelter pets in her memory.

*If you’d like to participate, it’s not too late… follow this link to The Betty White Challenge and connect to our dedicated page.

“I hope we all make you proud Betty!”   “Happy Birthday Betty!”

“Rest in peace, Golden Girl”     “Thank you for being a friend”

Donations in memory of Betty White were made by:

Adrienne Pederson Darcy Gaechter Julia Larson Lauren Jones Sandra Hoelsken
Adrienne Short Debra Webber Julie Hawkins Leann Katchuk Sara Porter
Amanda Ireson December Ewing Karen Flamand Lee Bowles Sarah Cuoco
Amelia Penrose Deja Hanson Karen Izso Linda Keefe Sarah Dismuke
Amy Coy Denise Ewing Kathryn Hagen Linda Sandrich Sarah Rowan
Andrew Gniotczynski Denise Lashmett Kathryn Murphy Lindsay Knight Sarah Rowan
Andrew Sever Diane Thomsen Katie Fightlin Makai Yllanes Sarah VanBenschoten
Angelica Kalika Edward S Sullivan Katie Koehler Makala M Post Sena Fitzpatrick
Anna Ray Edward White Katie Lowery Makenna Wahl Shea Obrien
Anne Muir Elizabeth Douglas Katrina McAlpine Mary Glode Sherry Grillot
Anthony Sekinger Emilia Cole Kay Jacobson Mary J Kemp Sheryl Merkel
Baylee Schenk Emily Ravn Kay Jones Micalla Cords Sonia Walter
Becky Spagnolo Erik Roberto Kay Schneider Michael Eigbrett Stephanie Keister
Bonnie Shiles Erin Galbreath Kaysie Tosch Michael Mullenix Steven Carlos
Bryana Ewing Erin O’Keefe Kellie Ulrich Michelle Spidell Sue Brookman
Camille Deering Gina Dideon Kelly Cole Nadine Fenlon Susan D. Proctor
Carrie Knutson Gregg Kaminsky Kerri Pirzadeh Nancy Peterson Susie Thomas
Carrie Rousseau Jackie Powers Kevin Gibson Paige Lillie Valerie Gilliam
Cassyashton Porter James Ziegler Kristie Poll Pati Hensley Victoria Bettevy
Catherine Page Jenna Bontempo Kristin Fawcett Peigi Droysen
Catherine Ursprung Jennifer Spagnolo Kristin Shannon R Garrett
Celeste Diamond Jennifer Wilson Laura Barbieur Randi Garcia
Chris Leonard Jessi Rochel Laura Irmen Rebecca Howland
Claudia Putnam Jessica Fuller Laura Ludvigson Rita Brooks
Cynthia Reichardt Jessica Kaplan Lundevall Lauren Gundy Roger Sheffield
Danielle Kopf Judi Simecek
Judith Smalley

Did you know that Betty White—s family once had 26 dogs? And, that later in life she typically had at least 3 canine companions in her household of pets?

Like many, we—ve been saddened by the recent death of a true American icon and animal advocate.  Betty was a vocal and prolific supporter of animal health and welfare.  In honor of her marvelous spirit and dedication to shelter pets, Colorado Animal Rescue is joining animal shelters and rescues around the world by announcing donations in her honor. On January 17th, Betty would—ve celebrated her 100th birthday.  We agree that she—d be excited to know of animals being helped in her name.

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