Why Choose a Senior Pet?

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet month and we’re celebrating these wise ladies!


                        Autumn                                    Luna                                     Millie                                Hickory

There are many reasons to choose to adopt a senior pet…

Autumn would tell you that senior pets have established personalities. She’s the perfect example: she’s set on being sweet, despite her grumpy facial expressions!

Luna would say that seniors are already trained, and require less supervision! She knows how to use her litter box and values her solo time.

Millie would add that senior pets’ health needs are known. Our Vet Team knows that she has some health issues and have already taken the steps necessary to treat her

Hickory would remind you that seniors are often overlooked. She’s currently our longest term resident having been at the shelter since early June 2023.

Give a senior pet a chance! Submit an adoption survey today!

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