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Have you seen the latest issue of Animal Writes?

Serving animal lovers from the RFV to Rifle, this quarterly publication highlighted our very “top dog”, Noah Baskin, and his work as our Canine Behavior Manager. Luke Barta, Assistant Canine Behavior Manager, makes a cameo appearance in the story, too!

Noah’s Bark takes a peek into Noah and Luke’s world of meeting, assessing, and working with our shelter dogs to enrich their lives while waiting to be matched with their forever family.

*Click here to get the inside scoop*

(Noah’s Bark is on page 3, and a C.A.R.E. shoutout is on page 7!)


Noah                                                                 Luke

([email protected]           ([email protected])

Special thanks to Jane Bachrach for bringing attention to Noah & Luke’s amazing work!

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